Loom Tube 13mm Flame Retardant 25m

Item Number: LT13
Packaging Unit: 1 / Roll
  • A Simple way to create looms from loose wires by making a harness
  • Crush proof and flame retardant
  • UV stabilised and resistant to chemicals
  • Quick installation time
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Product Information

Product Description

13mm Corrugated Loom Tube 25m

CABAC corrugated loom tube is a simple but effective way to organise and consolidate loose wires into a wire loom, securing them neatly and helping to protect them from damage. This method of cable management consists of polypropylene tubing with a cut running along the length. The opening provides quick access to the bundle, allowing cables or wires to be exposed, inserted, removed or rearranged wherever necessary. This makes loom tube the perfect choice where flexible, protective wire harnessing and routing is required.

Use CABAC loom tube to tidy and bundle cables and wires, or apply over an existing assembly for extra cable protection. Creating a wire loom using our split tubing is incredibly quick and simple; the wires are slipped into the tube to contain them, and the harness can then be anchored using cable ties if necessary.

Corrugated loom tube is designed to be durable and crush proof. This makes it an excellent alternative to spiral binding and braided sleeving. The black polypropylene material is UV stabilised for both indoor and outdoor applications. The tubing is also flame retardant and resistant to chemicals.

Supplied in a 25 metre reel, with bulk reel available for larger jobs.


Tube Inner Diameter: 13mm
Tube Outer Diameter: 17.5mm
Wall Thickness: 0.3mm
Reel Length: 25 metres

Our 13mm loom tube is also available in a bulk reel of 150 metres, refer part number LT13/150

Not the size you're looking for? We have a number of other sizes available, refer to the product datasheet for a handy size chart.

Technical Data

Material: Flame retardant polypropylene
Maximum operating temperature: 120 degrees Celsius

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