P Clip Nylon 4.8 mm Cable Black

Item Number: PCBK-5
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
  • An economical and secure way to mount cables and looms to just about anything
  • Made from Nylon 66 - very durable
  • Smooth edges to prevent cable damage
  • Many sizes available for various cable diameters
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Product Information

Product Description

4.8mm Nylon P Clip Black

CABAC P clips provide an economical, secure way to mount cables and looms to just about any surface, including walls and cabinets.

Our black P clips are manufactured from nylon 66, a durable material that suits most indoor applications. The clip edges are radiused to prevent them from damaging the cable or bundle.

Part number PCBK-5 will suit cables or bundles with a maximum diameter of 4.8mm. The cable, loom or harness is simply slipped into the clip, and is then mounted to the surface using a suitable fastener. Each P clip size has a 4.6mm mounting hole that allows it to be secured to a surface using a screw or bolt.

Product Specifications

Max Cable Dia. (A): 4.8mm
Width (B): 9.6mm
Mount (C): 4.6mm
(D): 10.5mm
(E): 19.8mm
(F): 1.4mm

Line drawing available for reference, see Additional Information.

We have a range of other sizes available for cable diameters up to 25.4mm, refer to the product datasheet for a selection chart.

Technical Data

Material: Nylon 66 94V-2 UL approved
Operating Temperature: -40 to +90 degrees Celsius
Colour: Black

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