Bugle Head 7Gx30mm length

Item Number: FRBH730
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
  • Phillips drive bugle head drywall screws
  • This size available in 7 gauge only
  • Packed in bags of 100
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Product Information

Product Description

Bugle Head Screw 7G x 30mm

Bugle head screws are used for a variety of fastening jobs, and are particularly suitable for plasterboard applications. The bugle shaped head is designed to countersink into drywall, allowing the screw to sit flush with the material surface. Unlike regular countersinking screws, these screws are less likely to splinter or tear the material surface due to the way that the bugle head distributes pressure. This is useful for providing a neat finish or when the screw needs to be concealed.

Our 7-gauge bugle head screws are manufactured from zinc plated steel.

Product Details

Head type: Bugle
Drive type: Phillips
Thread size: 7G
Length: 30mm
Material: zinc plated steel, colour gold

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