What are AV cables? What are the types of AV cables?
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Aug 2022 3 min read

What are AV cables? What are the types of AV cables?

Even though AV cables have been in use for decades, most people aren't sure what cable to pick for their specific needs. Every time you binge-watch your favourite Netflix show, play a DVD or enjoy the most recent video game, that's when you're using an audio-visual cable. To get the most out of your entertainment system, ensure that you're using the correct AV cable.

What is an AV output?

AV stands for Audio Visual. In the simplest terms, AV cables are what enable your TV screen and speakers to render video and audio. These cables are frequently used in home entertainment systems, to connect devices such as gaming consoles and video systems. Furthermore, many businesses make use of audio-visual outputs as a fundamental component of their operation.

The Types of AV Cables

Most people are familiar with one or more of these cables, but others may be new to you. However, chances are you have at the very least one of these cables within your business or home.


The most well-known form of composite AV cable is standard RCA cable. Many of you may have experienced the cable in your grandparents' or parents' televisions or VCRs because older televisions feature RCA Jacks. This RCA cable has the standard yellow, red and white colour-coded connectors. A majority of devices do not use RCA cables as they aren't able to transfer high-definition signals.


Sometimes referred to as S-VID, these cables were used by the older models of DVD players, VCRs as well as TVs. In the past, S-VID cables were introduced as an alternative to composite cables. Because TV manufacturers stopped the installation of S-VID connectors, these connectors rarely seen anymore.


All televisions come with a coaxial input, but this is most commonly used for satellite TV, set-top boxes and some gaming consoles. Coaxial cable is also widely used in broadcast applications.


In the past, if you've connected your laptop or computer to another television or monitor, it could have been connected using a VGA cable. Although VGA cables were often the primary method of connecting computers for several years, they're not as widespread these days.

Another alternative option is a DVI cable. This works similarly to a VGA cable, except it's a digital-to-digital cable. The reason a digital-to-digital signal is so important is that there is minimal interference, which allows for sharper images and more vibrant colours.


At present, most computers can be connected to other televisions or monitors with the HDMI cable. No matter if you're tech-savvy or not, you've likely seen many types of HDMI outputs. It is important to verify your specific television and other devices prior to changing your cables.

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