How to measure your energy use with POWER-MATE™
Meausuring energy use with Power-Mate Power MetersMeausuring energy use with Power-Mate Power Meters
October 2021 5 min read

How to measure your energy use with POWER-MATE™

As homeowners and business managers look to reduce their carbon footprint and prevent bill-shock, there is growing demand for reliable, accurate ways to identify energy wasting appliances.

POWER-MATE™ helps you develop power saving strategies that reduce your energy consumption without having to wait for the next costly bill to arrive. Whether your objective is to reduce your electricity costs or reduce your impact on the environment – or both, the POWER-MATE™ can help!

POWER-MATE™ measures the kWh consumption of your appliances and translates that to dollars. You can identify which of your appliances are the big consumers contributing to your power bill, and easily determine what the running costs are for individual appliances in your home or business.

The POWER-MATE™ range includes models to measure energy usage in homes, offices, and industrial premises.

Measure your household energy usage

Our POWER-MATE™ Lite is the perfect option for home use. Designed for busy households, you simply input the kilowatt-hour rate shown on your last energy bill and you’re ready to start measuring your home appliances. You can view the results over an hourly, quarterly, or yearly period. This makes it easy to identify where simple behaviour changes like turning off an energy-guzzling appliance can make a big difference over time.
You simply:

  • Set your kilowatt-hour rate (as stated on your most recent power bill) 
  • Plug the POWER-MATE™ Line into the power outlet
  • Plug in the appliance to be measured
  • Measure, analyse and record the energy usage of your appliance
  • Reduce your consumption and save!

Hypertec Power-Mate Lite 10A

Part Number: PML10A

  • The worlds most accurate, portable energy use meter
  • Displays power use in Watts, Dollars, Carbon
  • Instantly displays power use over Day, Month, Year
  • Flying leads allows use in difficult locations
  • Accurately measure very low energy (0.01W)

Measure energy usage at an office or business

For energy auditors, contractors and installers working on small offices and businesses, we recommend the original POWER-MATE™ or POWER-MATE™ Heavy Duty. This handy unit is designed with the energy use professional in mind. In addition to the POWER-MATE™ features, the Heavy Duty model can measure short term currents of up to 15A, allowing you to view inrush currents found in items such as pool pumps and electrical motors.

With all of the features of a POWER-MATE™ Heavy Duty, the serial model has a built in serial (RS-232) output. With the use of a computer, a serial (RS-232) to USB converter and the POWER-MATE software, you can log power use on your computer for further analysis. Saving it as a CSV file, suitable for excel spreadsheets, you can do further analysis of the data.

Measure energy use in server rooms and other 15-amp applications

The POWER-MATE™ 15A is designed to measure sustained energy use in 15A applications, such as ovens, water pumps, air conditioners, computer server rooms and electrical motors where the current is up to 15A constantly. It also measures inrush currents of electrical items like electrical motors and water pumps where the inrush currents can exceed 15A.

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