Experience the most accurate & reliable splicing technology

Experience the most accurate & reliable splicing technology
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Experience the most accurate & reliable splicing technology

MSS Data Solutions recently partnered with INNO Instrument Inc., a brand that leads the standardisation of optical fibre splicing equipment by installing the latest access technology. The range of splicing products can cope with all Australian environments including win, water, dust, dirt and moisture.

All INNO products are backed by a 3 year limited manufacturer warranty and is available for purchase through MSS Data Solutions and comes with Technical Support, Repair and Warranty information.

The M Range

These compact, ultra-portable design splicers are the most efficient hand-held fusion splicers in the telecommunications industry. Their high-resolution colour LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offers large and clear fibre images to users. The light and compact structure of the M Range provides mobility for users to operate in any environment and working condition.

The View Pro Range

The View Pro range provides maximum work efficiency through fast splicing and heating time, with high magnification, advanced estimation and alignment techniques ensuring the accuracy of splice loss estimation. All products in the View Pro range are equipped with the V11 One Touch Cleaver and include access to the cloud management system where installers can access real-time communications, comprehensive analytics and data management via mobile network.

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